Guruji.Swamy MP.Sivabhalan

( Chief Nadi Astrologer )

Swamy R.Siva Panchatcharam

( Nadi Astrologer )

Astrology sastras is an ancient methodology for giving divine prediction which has initiated from Valluvar reign. Iam practising Nadi Astrology hailing from the community I have been practising Nadi Astrology for last 23 years with the blessings of my ancesters and great Spiritual Guru's. I reveal the moment of truth of future as per the divine inscriptions of ancient palm leaf Astrology. I have associated with many international Spiritual masters with their guidance and blessings. I have given divine predictions and remedies to many people in different foreign countries. I have travelled all over India to offer this divine services to innumerable customers and they have benefited in their life.This profession is in my gene transferred from my Great grand father to serve the humanity and offer blessings to them.


The Ancient sages(Maharishi) have realized the time (Past ,Present, Future) about the soul and their existent on this world and to lead prosperous life. For the soul to know about its life styles one has to give thump impression(Male Right/Female left).This sastras which give the predictions about the past, present, future. Its term and Nadi Astrology.

A person who come and search a Nadi Astrologer to know about the life prediction is termed as ‘NADI’ in Tamil Language.

Even though the ancient siddhas have return the prediction about the human life style. But the kings who were ruling the region producted. These ancient inscription after that the king were ruling the Tamil kingdom because of wrong administration and other kings invations some of the precious leaves were destroyed and obdected.

The remaining palm leaves were consolidated and preserve in the separate library which cause initiated by King Saraboj who was ruling Tanjore and credit goes to him .among the preserve palm leaves some them reveled about the astrological predictions.

In ancient times some community people calculate the time factor and gave the prediction in form of the truth they where called “Pandaram’ and “Valluvans”. These community people were showing expertise in revealing the truth(Reality)Prediction which came true.

During the region of King Saraboj,He after palm leaves as a gift to the valluvar community people. Who were offering the Divine prediction. The next offering people who belong to the Valluvar Community continue to do this profession by giving prediction.

NADI Astrology segregated in to different chapters, nadi Astrology can be realized only through experience.

This Nadi Prediction were substationly contributed towards nadi astrology with the divine power Maharishi like Agashiswar,Vasistar, SukarMaharishi, Kakkabujandar, Sivavakkiyar, Birugu,Bogar were very instrumental in preserving and contributing for the well-being of the Humanity.