Ganapthi Hommmam

For the welfare of the family

Ayush Homam

For long life

Poonul Hommam

Upnnayanam,Gayathri Mantra Upadesam

Thirumana Hommam

For marriage

Vasigara Hommam

To lead a happy family life

Santhana Gopala Hommam

Birth of children

Navagraha Hommam

To come out of the problems caused by the Planets.

Vidya Hommam

For education,Money and Courage

Sudharassana Hommam

To lead a successful life.

Jyadhi Hommam

To find victory in our life

Mirthuyunjaya Hommam

To lead a long life

Dhanakarshana Hommam

To lead a luxurious life

Poo-Neela Hommam

To get rid of evil things in land or new house.

Varuna Japam Hommam

For water

Graha Pravesa Hommam

Pooja perfomed in newly constructed house.

Sri Suktha Hommam

To come out of evil things and to lead a luxurious life.

Sri Vishu Suktha Hommam

To get prosperity in life.

Vishnu Sahasranama Hommam

All our needs will get fulfilled.

Pushkara Yagam

To lead a happy life in this world

Vazhipattu Hommam

To lead a luxurious life

Abisheka Hommam

To get the grace of god

Kumbabisheka Hommam

To get goodness in life.

Geetha Hommam

To come out of confusions

Deepa Velvi

To come out of Darkness

Viraja Hommam

To come out of sins.